Elevate Organisational Well-being with Sana’s Corporate Health Subscription

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In a world where business excellence seamlessly intertwines with workforce well-being, Sana Health Group proudly introduces our ‘Corporate Health Partnerships and Subscription’.

Expertly crafted to enhance your existing health and wellbeing initiatives, our unique offerings set your organisation on a transformative journey towards consistent growth and sustainability.

Unlock Optimisation and Performance

Delve into an exclusive world of webinar content, reserved solely for our esteemed partners.


Curated by specialists spanning diverse domains – from business coaching to nutrition – each session serves as a catalyst, fostering an organisational-wide high-performance reset.


Every webinar is meticulously designed with a singular focus – to equip your staff with advanced tools, insights, and strategies. Empower them to elevate their potential, optimise performance, and sustainably reset their professional trajectories.


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Our Mission

At Sana, our mission is to remove barriers to accessing mental health, addiction and eating disorder services – ultimately making a positive impact on more lives and creating healthier communities.

Work With Us

Sana is always looking to partner with leading clinical, allied health, professional services and support teams, who desire to be part of something truly unique in Australasian behavioural health. We have a number of locations and opportunities across the country. We can offer:
  • Backing of a robust clinical governance structure 
  • A diverse array of services spanning the breadth of private clinical offerings 
  • Opportunity to work with patient cohorts across both the prevention and treatment spaces 
  • Exposure and group-wide learnings from different treatment models