Welcome to the Sana Health Group Referral Page. 

Our network of treatment centres offers a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient including Veterans and NDIS participants. We value the collaboration with healthcare professionals and are here to support you in the referral process.

Referral Process:
  1. Determine Eligibility: Review our services and determine if your patient’s needs align with our offerings. We cater to a wide range of health conditions and provide care for veterans and NDIS participants.
  2. Complete Referral Form: Fill out our referral form with the necessary patient information, including medical history, current condition, and desired outcomes. Please ensure all contact details are accurate for seamless communication.
  3. Submit Referral: Send the completed form via email or through our secure online portal. Our team will review the referral and initiate the intake process promptly.
  4. Patient Self-Referral: Inform your patients that they have the option to self-refer to our treatment centres. Direct them to our website where they can access the self-referral form and additional resources.
What to Expect:
  1. Timely Response: Our dedicated referral coordinator will contact you after receiving the referral to discuss the next steps.
    Collaborative Care: We believe in a team-based approach and will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.
  2. Treatment Summary: With patient consent, we will provide a treatment summary to the referring practitioner at the end of their program.

Make a Referral